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Ashik Zaman second visit

[Första lussebullen]
Second visit with
Karin Häll
– this time out in Västberga. Karin is currently in the final stages of a new book based on off-the-cuff drawings; an everyday practice of sorts, gathered over years. The book has the best title ever which I won’t reveal in so far probably still a secret but hopefully it will see the daylight of a release soon.
Magnus Bons and others have written texts in it.
Aside from about her drawings, we had an interesting conversation emphazing notions of originality and artistic ownership which gels well with my past studies in Copyright Law and following some of her pre-Covid travels. Karin is an intersting sculptor. Not that I want to link her work to that of a man but feels nicely akin to Jimmie Durham, with her formally non-conformist sculptures that are vested with honest and not contrived narratives, either about the materials themselves or her. She seemingly doesn’t have that forced rapport with her materials that you sometimes see, instead bears a more ”democratic” approach. A joke which in the moment was very funny that we should maybe photograph the remaining ”lussebulle” after fika as a readymade sums up a playfully intuitive spirit which at a certain point tends to get rarer among artists from my experience.