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C-print journal

C-print journal 2020-09-26
Ashik Zaman

[Duvan, hemmet, det inre och det yttre]

Admittedly, I do quite often miss the exhibitions at Galleri ID:I but
made a point of wanting to see Karin Häll’s ’RAPPORT 2020’ in spite
of the terrible weather today. A centerpiece – or actually a focal
wallpiece – sees a composition of braided newspapers, the
inspiration behind which came to Karin while in residency in China
last year. Struck by the frustration of being unable to decode many
of the visual impressions around her would later serve as a point of
departure for this particular work. The exhibition at large hovers
around how boundaries between personal sphere – the home – and
the world outside is (re)negotiated on the basis of time and needs,
such as that of information etc.
Love how she alludes to the notion of home in smart and very wellchosen
gestures along the walls, with ready-made sculptures and
objects, while never letting her exhibition traverse into some
frivolous supporting scenography. The ”edit” is tight for sure. Looks
so effortles and yet her installing is so on point.
It’s on view through Oct 4.